About Us.

Kona & Co. is a leading executive search firm, pairing exceptional management talent with innovative organisations throughout Australasia.

Our Area of Expertise at Kona & Co.

The consulting team behind Kona & Co. has built up a depth of experience in executive search and recruitment spanning more than five decades, at the same time forming a vast network of qualified, industry-leading executives and senior management professionals. We recruit senior managers, directors and C-suite executives looking for their next professional challenge within Australia and New Zealand’s leading organisations. 

Mitigate Your Recruitment Risks with an Executive Search Provider

No matter how technology changes, there will always be a need to pay meticulous attention to the hiring process of top tier executive and senior management talent. There has never been so much riding on a single hire; from the transformation and growth that the right executive can bring, to both the measurable and incalculable costs of rehiring of someone who isn’t right for the role. We aim to eliminate those costs and amplify the benefits of the highly qualified and experienced leaders who will ultimately join your team. By connecting with and screening the top 10% of industry talent in terms of experience and aptitude, we only put you in touch with those who are ideally suited to the position. 

Our Forward-Thinking Focus

The advantages of professional recruitment remain clear long after an initial executive hire: through proven performance, professional development and strategies that will benefit both organisation and employee in the long term. That’s why Kona & Co. works with a forward-thinking approach to executive search. We are so committed to matching the right talent to the right role that we will regularly check back with executives and organisations long after the on-boarding process. This proactive approach also extends to industry mapping, in which we compile detailed reports on prospective talent within the market who could fill key roles should circumstances change. It is our firm belief that effective planning and expert executive search services are essential components of a true growth plan, both for organisations and high-performing individuals. 

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