by Ephram Stephenson


ExO World Summit | 14 - 16 April. 2020 Online & Interactive

Covid-19 has halted our lives in many ways. We're passing time at home with great concern for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Let’s take this opportunity to connect as a truly global community to create a new future. 

Join the global communities of OpenExO, Singularity University, XPrize Foundation and others.  This unique online experience brings together leading thinkers of our time to discuss our global situation and how we act to transform it.

ExO World will happen during 14th to 16th April and will be a mix of live central-stage presentations and panel discussions with numerous topical and localized breakout sessions and workshops taking place over a 72-hour period.

This is a collaborative event where we expect tangible outcomes. You will not only receive knowledge but tools to transform the world for a better future! You can find the agenda here.


World-class speakers and leaders include María Fernanda Espinosa, Peter Diamandis, Anousheh Ansari, Salim Ismail, Verne Harnish, Dr. Daniel Kraft...